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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  September 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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it will be very similar but the temperatures we much warmer into andmid-seventies pavementnt will clear out again tonight we've collected clear this morning the morning most of the
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the senate 55 the forecast as we look atse will continue to bring in another front.nti three distinct areas of rain two of them one over central wisconsin that's the close through central iowa that will track through here midday until then we into spirit high clouds it will ti be a warmer tape mid-seventies by new average temperatures should reallyne inn the lower 80s looking pretty height normal run 76. lo nice easy start on our tuesday we don't have any accidents of course we have construction that's out there on the weschler
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doing that overnight worke it t there in the right lane.
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believe they picked her up on at least 220 pounds and his brown hair and brown eyes he was in foster care aftr being takensta adding to the desperationm shes been known to use map for this .-dot he's known to frequent there is an eye area k parked fd rangerar you see him or his truk or no no fifth right of tickets .-dot are you should police immediately. it's been years in the making that today is some of the day
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effect jessica dill is life at the cleveland apl with more of a huge victoryhe started by our vy own dick goddard. september 13, 2016 is the day that many have6 been fighting long and hard for including our own dick goddarddlo if you knowy onlyo harm a companion animal y willy be charged with a felony got us or house signed by john kaisch on june 13 and officially takes effect in today is the fifth degree felony to know only cause physical harm to a companion animal including depriving them of food or water or shelter inflicting long-term sponsored by republicanre davidp hall and bill patty patmm stop by the studios to talk to us about this accomplishment he
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and conversations with theber pt fivens years this is the toughet piece of legislation he's ever had to get to the legislator. itself you'd be surprised at how much institutions have to do with how decisions are made. for you to overturn this is for. it also includes a pet this asa you coulds be facing prison time if you harbor police dog or police force were service animal we have our telephone which will help raise money for alle of tm
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incredible for him. it will go into effect in the
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plans and place to begin taking it apart tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. robert griffin the third for third starts they've been has lots he suffered a broken shoulderrwn that happened late y put him on the injured reserve list hethe will miss ten weeks e reports thatmi he may need some surgery which could sideline him for the season the last turn too josh mccown's ashes game one starter for the homeowner on oprah on sunday against the
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now cost on stage during the reality tv show.n while he did something temperatures are going back up looking quiet the temperatures are generally lower and middle 50s and route to 75.
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middle upper 70s on friday good chance of frank the pick of the two weekend days they will be fairly early in the morning with highs in the low 70s lowso in the lower and middle 50s.w time right now is 14 minutes his been suspended for five years what is reaction to the punishment coming up next.
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crisp to help protect mother
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deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it. america runs on dunkin'. mid- the zigler with scott sabol in patty harkin who is standing by with a check of our morning commute.e. patty keeps the peace. is that what i'm doing. love, not heat. accidents off the freeway here car into a building don't know
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drunk tank.e there actually investigating to be another smashing grab.b. route eight at season's roado they'll have the overnight work goes there slowly. no problems east or west.e no problems at the gas station.s you go to our website will say gas tracker tab and click on thatack when you do your hopefup see some lower gas prices in your neighborhood. wayne and natalie pack to you.
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dates security ended up tackling than thated of the show to commercial break they were. inappropriate shirts. is a bad decision to have a liar behave publicized as a starboare phase trespassing charges this morning. chicagogom fire crews are puttip out hot spots this morning mo following a devastating blaze the flames tollll strengthen our business including a family tallest ourg restaurant hit a fire crews started with an interior attack thewi quicklyq backedui off a short time later before its collapse for no one
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he says there's more to the t with his thoughts the that footage a shot of the dozen probable we should you this video yesterday at a community college in southern californiaste he was knocked unconscious he
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truly sorry is unintentional. i had no thought in my mind to lay wanted a hands the rest. in addition to possible criminal charges he's beenssi suspended r five years he is six that 275 pounds says hesay wants to their doubts appear in the suspension he does take full responsibility looks like he's okayl he scheduled to officiate another game this weekend.sch
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and then can weather and traffir every eight minutes just ahead.a a big night for big ben and thet steelershe as they look to keepp with otherc afc north don't forget to head over to to vote for tho next fox 8r school. will announce on thursday feature them next week on fox 8
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